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In this section we have provided a list of skills that Kamerin performs in her current routines on each apparatus. Each skill that Kamerin inserts and competes successfully in competition allows her to come closer to a higher start value. To see Kamerin performing these skills, visit the videos page.

A-Score: 5.5
Yurchenko 1 1/2

Double twisting Yurchenko

Uneven Bars
A-Score: 5.8
jump to high bar; kip + cast to handstand + stalder to handstand (C) + toe-on to handstand (C) + Tkatchev (D); kip + cast to handstand + front giant (B) + straddled Jaegar (D); kip + cast to handstand + clear hipcircle to handstand (C) + overshoot to handstand (D); kip + cast to handstand + stalder shoot (C); kip + cast to handstand + giant 1/1 (C) + giant + giant + full-in dismount (D)

Toe handstand 1/1, stalder 1/1, tucked double double dismount

Balance Beam
A-Score: 6.5
Press to handstand mount; aerial cartwheel (D); split leap + straddle jump; 1/1 turn with leg up (C) + switch side leap (C); front tuck (D); aerial cartwheel with two feet (D) + back tuck (C); front aerial (D) + flip flop (B) + back layout stepout (C); roundoff + back layout 3/1 (F)

Punch front half

Floor Exercise
A-Score: 5.8
3/1 turn (C); roundoff + flip flop + full-in (E); roundoff + flip flop + 5/2 twist (D) + front layout (B); switch leg leap (B); tour jete half (C) + Popa (B); roundoff + flip flop + back layout 3/1 (E); front layout 3/2 (C); roundoff + flip flop + double pike (D)

Whip immediate to triple twist, 5/2 punch front 1/1, piked full in