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March 2008

How many hours do you practice every week? Also how tall are you? I am very short for my age!! You are such an awesome gymnast!!! My favorite. I saw you at Visa Championship last yaer and you were so good. good luck!!! I want to be as good as you someday!! Right now I'm level 8. Good job in all your meets so far! I hope you have a happy easter :)

Hi, Cammy, I practice thirty hours a week and I am about four feet, seven and a half inches tall. I am also kind of small for my age. I hope you do well in all your meets and hope you had a happy Easter. :)

Iím a big fan of you and Jordyn. Are you best friends?

Jordyn and I are really close. We have a fun time when we go places together.
-Kamerin :)

Hi Kamerin I'm very impressed with you and your gymnastics and I would great Job. My question is what is your favorite move to do?

Hi Katie, my favorite move to do is probably my double pike on the floor.
-Kamerin :)

Have you ever felt like quitting gymnastics?

I have definitely had some hard times in practice where Iíve felt like nothing could go worse and Iíve wanted to quit. Iím glad I didnít though, because gymnastics is a lot of fun and I couldnít live without it.
-Kamerin :)

Hi! I love gymnastics, and i watch it all the time. I do gymnastics myself, but I'm not that good. I just wonder.. What do you eat at breakfast, lunch, before practise, after practise and dinner? I also wonder, if you are pratising on a new skill and it doesn't go the right way, you just fall and become negative and stuff. What do you do then? Thanks!

Hi Tina, usually for breakfast I have cereal and other times I have eggs. For lunch I have a Subway sandwich or a salad. And for dinner I have chicken and sometimes steak. When I am trying to learn a new skill and I just canít seem to get it, I do more drills and try to listen to everything my coach says. Also, I realized that it never helps to get frustrated. When you stay calm it is easier to focus and do better.
-Kamerin :)

How much do you train each week and what is the hardest skill you are working on?

Hi Carly, I train thirty hours a week and the hardest skill that I am working on is a back twisting two and a half, punch front layout full.
:) -Kamerin

Hey Kamerin! My name is Katie and i am a former gymnast, i even trained with you once at a summer camp, i was wondering how many hours a week you train, and if you plan on doing gymnastics in college?

Hi Katie, that is cool that we went to a camp together, I train thirty hours a week and I do want to do gymnastics in college.
:) -Kamerin

Do you have a fanmail address? I would like to write to you!

Hi Lindsay, you can send me emails at I promise to send you stuff back.
:) -Kamerin

Hi Kamerin! You're an amazing gymnast! Are there any new skills you are planning on debuting in 2008?

Hi Cindy, there are lots of new skills that I am working on all of the events. I am not sure which ones are going to be in my routines though.
:) -Kamerin

Hi Kamerin, great website!! How often do you train? And what is your training like? Do you lift weights? Your legs are very muscular, wondering if you do special leg exercises?

Hi Nick, I train six days a week and three of the days, I practice twice. In the morning and in the afternoon. I train an hour on bars and beam, a half an hour on floor and vault and a half an hour on tumbling and conditioning. I do arm conditioning on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and leg conditioning on Tuesdays and Fridays.
:) -Kamerin