December 5, 2008

Catching up with Kamerin Moore

USA Gymnastics

Q: Tell me how the meet went?
Kami: It was okay. It wasnít my best meet but I got third all-around so thatís good.

Q: Was it your first international meet?
Kami: Yes, it was my first international competition for USA Gymnastics but I went to Japan with Region 5 in the past. It was interesting. You have to go with what is happening when on an international trip. The time change was different so we had to practice late the first couple of practices, but I got used to things pretty quickly.

Q: Did you do any new skills at this competition?
Kami: No, I did all of my same routines.

Q: Did you meet any international gymnasts at this competition?
Kami: Yes, that was fun. No one spoke our same language but it was fun trying to communicate. We were teamed up with Belgium and it was fun to be with the girls. They were nice.

Q: What did you get to do other than gymnastics in Belgium?
Kami: We did a lot of things. We went to Brussels for shopping and sightseeing. I bought some scarves. I also collect dolls and plates so I bought a doll and plate while in Belgium, too.

Q: What were the highlights of the trip?
Kami: It was exciting seeing everything like the buildings Ė they were very detailed and beautiful.

Q: How was the food?
Kami: The food was great. They had spaghetti and beef and chicken. I had no problem adjusting to the food.

Q: How was the hotel?
Kami: The hotel was good. I shared a room with Jordyn and we had a room with two single beds and they were really small but very comfy.

Q: How was it adjusting to the new time zone?
Kami: We slept a lot on the plane and then we stayed up the rest of the day when we got there. I didnít have trouble.

Q: What are you working on in the gym now?
Kami: Iím trying to upgrade my vault to a double twisting Yurchenko and polish and clean up everything.

Q: What is your next competition?
Kami: Iím competing at the Cup in Cincinnati in a couple of weeks. Itís for Level 10 and elite. Iím going to the meet just to get more experience.

Q: How many hours a week do you train? Walk me through your daily routine.
Kami: I train about 30 hours a week. I do homeschool so that itís easier to spend more time in the gym. We have practice in the morning and afternoon a few days a week Ė I practice and then stay at gym and do school and then practice at night. My brothers do gymnastics at my gym, too. I get out at 8 p.m. and they get out at 9 p.m. so we all leave after that. So, on some days I arrive at the gym around 8 a.m. and leave at 9 p.m.

Q: What is your favorite skill?
Kami: Vault is my favorite!

Q: What do you like to do when youíre not in the gym?
Kami: I live on a lake so I like to swim in the summer and in the winter I like to skate and sled.

Q: Do you have pets?
Kami: Yes, I have 5 pets Ė two cats, two dogs and a rabbit.

Q: Do you have siblings?
Kami: Yes, I have two younger brothers who do gymnastics and an older sister who is really creative and draws and writes stories.